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Size: About 12 to 14 feet tall

Weight: no weight

COU 22 SGC 10 INT 14 CHA 14 DEX 11 AGI 11 CON 18 STR 25

LP 100 AE 20 KP - INI 17+1D6

DE 6 SPI 3 TOU 3 MOV 6

Beak AT 18 DP 2D6+8 RE medium

Tentacle*: AT 15 DP 1D6+6 RE long

Stomp: AT 10 DP 3D6+2 RE short


Actions: 4 (at most 1 x Beak)

Special Abilities: Clutch (Tentacle), Feint I (Tentacle, Beak), Forceful Blow III (Tentacle, Beak), Hammer Blow (Tentacle, Beak), Powerful Blows (Tentacle), Shield- Splitter (Tentacle, Beak), Tentacle Sweep (Tentacle), Stomp (Stomp)

Skills: Body Control 6 (11/11/18), Climbing 2 (22/11/25), Feat of Strength 14 (18/25/25), Intimidation 13 (22/14/14), Perception 12 (10/14/14), Self-Control—(automatic success), Stealth 0 (22/14/11), Willpower—(automatic success)

Spells: Horriphobus 8 (22/14/14)

Size Category: large

Type: Demon (horned, Belhalhar), non-humanoid

Summoning Difficulty: –5

Loot: none

Combat Behavior: The shruuf uses its tentacles to seize its opponents or slay them. When enraged, such as when injured by an opponent, the shruuf bites in retaliation.

Escape: Shruufya do not flee, unless commanded to do so by their summoner.

Sphere Lore (Beings from the Spheres)

  • QL 1: The shruuf is only summoned for one task: to rip apart, kill, destroy.
  • QL 2: The shruuf is a four-horned demon form the domain of Belhalhar.
  • QL 3+: Cutting off tentacles serves no purpose, since they grow back at once.


Special Rules

*) Sever Tentacle: severing a shruuf’s tentacle requires a successful aimed attack against the head with an edged weapon, which deals 7 DP in one combat round. Tentacles grow back at once. Susceptible to Blessed/Consecrated Objects/Weapons: Shruufya are especially vulnerable to blessed/consecrated objects/ weapons of Rondra. The same goes for weapons touched by other gods that are associated with warfare, combat, strength and honor, such as Kor, Shinxir, and Brazoragh.

Demon Rules: Shruufya use the general demon rules.


Aventurian Bestiary, page 33