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Red Fox

Size: 2 to 3 feet long (not including tail); 3 feet (with tail); about 3 feet tall at the shoulder

Weight: 10 to 16 pounds

COU 12 SGC 13 (a) INT 15 CHA 14 DEX 12 AGI 15 CON 9 STR 10

LP 15 AE - KP - INI 14+1D6

DE 10 SPI –3 TOU –1 MOV 15

Bite: AT 12 DP 1D6+1(+disease)* RE short


Actions: 1

Special Abilities: Feint I (Bite), Locked Jaws (Bite)

Skills: Body-Control 10 (15/15/9), Climbing 1 (12/15/10), Feat of Strength 4 (9/10/10), Intimidation 4 (12/15/14), Perception 4 (13/15/15), Self-Control 7 (12/12/9), Stealth 12 (12/15/15), Swimming 10 (15/9/10), Willpower 7 (12/15/14)

Number: 1, or 1D3+2 (hunting pack)

Size Category: small

Type: Animal, non-humanoid

Loot: 5 rations of meat (tough), fur (9 silverthalers), trophy (fox paw, 4 silverthalers, fox tail, 7 silverthalers)

Combat Behavior: Foxes usually avoid combat, and attack human-sized creatures only when they get too close to their burrows (within 24 feet). Animals suffering from rabies are the exception. They don’t avoid two-legged creatures and can be extremely aggressive. Foxes suffering from disease do not use feints, but healthy foxes do.

Escape: Loss of 25% LP; rabid foxes fight to the death.

Animal Lore (Wild Animals)

  • QL 1: Foxes are the holy animals of Phex, and people consider them lucky. Foxes do not attack humans without good reason (such as when suffering from rabies).
  • QL 2: the paws and tails of red foxes are often sold as lucky charms, but the Church of Phex condemns the practice of hunting these animals for this purpose.
  • QL 3+: One in a thousand red foxes is born with white fur. These animals are not nursed by their mothers, but still manage to survive in the wilderness. They are symbols of bad luck in the best of cases, and servants of the Nameless One in the worst.

Hunt: –2

Special Rules

*) Disease: Foxes can transmit rabies. Roll 1D20 for each full 10 DP they inflict (1-18: no disease; 19-20: rabies). If a hero is infected, the GM must make a disease check.

White Fox: White foxes do not possess karmic powers, but they do transmit the Nameless Curse. Specifically, anyone encountering or even just seeing a white fox gains the disadvantage Misfortune for one day. White foxes can impart this curse only once per day, but can affect up to 1D6 two-legged creatures at a time. The Nameless Curse is only detectable with karmic analysis, not spells.

Aventurian Bestiary, page 110