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Size: 9 to 12 feet (not including tail); 12 to 15 feet (with tail)

Weight: 800 to 900 pounds

COU 14 SGC 12 INT 13 CHA 13 DEX 11 AGI 14 CON 16 STR 20

LP 70 AE - KP - INI 7+1D6

DE 7 SPI 4 TOU 4 MOV 16

Bite: AT 14 DP 2D6+2 RE short

Paws: AT 16 DP 1D6+4 RE medium

Stinger: AT 12 DP 1D6+3(+poison)* RE long


Actions: 2 (at most 1 x Bite)

Special Abilities: Feint I (Paws, Stinger), Forceful Blow II (Bite, Paws, Stinger), Locked Jaws (Bite), Pounce (Paws), Powerful Blows (Paws)

Skills: Body Control 11 (14/14/16), Climbing 6 (14/14/20), Commerce 2 (12/13/13), Empathy 3 (12/13/13), Fast-Talk 1 (14/13/13), Feat of Strength 11 (16/20/20), Intimidation 12 (14/13/13), Perception 7 (12/13/13), Self-Control 7 (14/14/16), Stealth 8 (14/13/14), Swimming 2 (14/16/20), Willpower 7 (14/13/13)

Number: 1

Size Category: large

Type: Supernatural Creature or Chimera, non-humanoid

Creation Difficulty: –4

Loot: 200 rations of meat (inedible), trophies (stinger, 15 silverthalers; teeth, 3 silverthalers), venom (250 silverthalers)

Combat Behavior: The chimera’s reactions depend on the creature that is in control: the lion is usually hungry and moody, the scorpion is aggressive, and the human could be friendly and prudent or malevolent and hostile, based on the situation. The manticore first attacks with its tail, using the advantage of range. When enemies get close, they attack with paws and teeth.

Escape: Loss of 75% LP

Magical Lore (Magical Creatures)

  • QL 1: Manticores are dangerous chimeras, but sometimes it is possible to engage them in conversation. If their animalistic mind is in control, they are really dangerous. Despite its chimerological roots, the manticore is considered a holy animal of Kor.
  • QL 2: The manticore’s venom is extremely dangerous and can paralyze a human in moments.
  • QL 3+: Manticores must usually be created with magic, but some specimens can reproduce. Many manticores with this heritage possess above average intelligence. The legendary manticore guardian of Princess Nedime is even said to love the fine arts, and music in particular.

Special Rules

*) Manticore Venom: Manticore venom is painful but not lethal to a healthy human. Its effects are cumulative. Manticores can use their venom ten times per day.

Level: 6

Type: Ingestion and weapon poison, animal venom

Resistance: Toughness

Effect: 1D6 DP (ignoring PRO), 1 level Paralysis / 1D3 DP (ignoring PRO)

Start: immediate

Duration: 4D6 CR / 2D6 CR

Cost: 1,000 silverthalers

Aventurian Bestiary, page 63