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Size: About 5 to 7 feet tall

Weight: no weight

COU 16 SGC 15 INT 14 CHA 20 DEX 13 AGI 13 CON 14 STR 14

LP 40 AE 60 KP - INI 15+1D6

DO 7 SPI 5 TOU 5 MOV 8

Claws: AT 14 PA 8 DP 1D6+3 RE short


Actions: 1

Advantages/Disadvantages: Good Looks II (while disguised) / Ugly II (natural form)

Special Abilities: Grapple (Claws), Feint I (Claws)

Skills: Body Control 7 (13/13/14), Climbing 6 (16/13/14), Commerce 8 (15/14/20), Empathy 12 (15/14/20), Fast-Talk 16 (16/14/20), Feat of Strength 7 (14/14/14), Perception 7 (15/14/14), Persuasion 13 (16/15/20), Seduction 17 (16/20/20), Self-Control 7 (16/16/14), Stealth 7 (16/14/13), Willpower 7 (16/14/20)

Spells: Bannbaladin 16 (16/14/20), Gaze into the Mind 12 (16/15/14), Satuaria’s Splendor 17 (15/14/14), Visibili 16 (15/14/14), others from Tradition (Demon)

Size Category: medium

Type: Demon (horned, Belkelel), humanoid

Summoning Difficulty: –4

Combat Behavior: Laraanim are not called for combat, but they can defend themselves with claws while in their true forms.

Escape: Loss of 50% LP

Sphere Lore (Beings from the Spheres)

  • QL 1: Laraanim are summoned to seduce other people or perform erotic services for the summoner.
  • QL 2: A laraan’s true shape is so hideous that seeing it can drive you mad.
  • QL 3+: Laraanim can be summoned in human or animal forms. The laraan is a five-horned demon from the domain of Belkelel.


Special Rules

Mutation: If a laraan causes damage to a mortal creature with its claws, the wound starts to mutate after 1D6 hours (scaly scars, discolorations, horns, or barbs grow from the wound, at the GM’s discretion). This mutation lasts for 1D20 days.

Seductive Shape: A laraan’s true shape is disgusting, but it can assume a seductive shape at will. This transformation takes 1 action, and the laraan can maintain the deception as long as desired. Susceptible to Blessed/Consecrated Objects/Weapons: Laraanim are especially vulnerable to blessed/consecrated objects/ weapons of Rahja, Aves, or another god with an aspect of love.

Demon Rules: Laraanim use the general demon rules.

Additional Services:

Sexual Service (sexual acts with the summoner), Seduction (seducing the chosen target while in its beautiful form), and Seduction and Madness (revealing its hideous form after seducing the target; victims suffer 4 permanent levels of Confusion but can make a Willpower (Resist Seduction) check beforehand. For each QL, reduce the Confusion by 1 level. These condition levels can be healed with magic, liturgical chants, or Treat Soul; Seduction and Madness requires three services). Laraanim are good, but not perfect, at imitating human behavior. Attentive victims or observers might notice minor mistakes in a laraan’s behavior, but they usually succumb to the demon’s charms before then. Laraanim that attract too much attention try to beguile their opponents. When cornered, they reveal their true horrific form, fight with their sharp claws, if necessary, and rely on their magical powers to do the rest. They can defeat even tenacious enemies, after which they try to hide any traces of the conflict and then take up their old disguise again, picking up right where they left off.


Aventurian Bestiary, page 31