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What is the sum of 6 and 3?

Khôm Vulture

Size: 3 to 4 feet tall at the shoulder; 9 to 11-foot wingspan

Weight: 20 to 30 pounds

COU 10 SGC 13 (a) INT 13 CHA 11 DEX 11 AGI 12 CON 12 STR 12

LP 15 AE - KP - INI 11+1D6

DE 6 SPI 0 TOU 0 MOV 1/20 (ground/air)

Claws and Beak: AT 12 DP 1D6+2 RE short


Actions: 1

Special Abilities: Flying Attack (Claws and Beak)

Skills: Body-Control 5 (12/12/12), Feat of Strength 7 (12/12/12), Flying 7 (10/13/12), Intimidation 7 (10/13/11), Perception 9 (13/13/13), Self-Control 9 (10/10/12), Stealth 7 (10/13/12), Willpower 7 (10/13/11)

Number: 1, or 2 (mated pair), or 2D6+1 (flock)

Size Category: medium

Type: Animal, non-humanoid

Loot: 0.5 ration of meat (inedible), trophy (feathers, 0.5 silverthaler)

Combat Behavior: Vultures are scavengers and do not hunt, per se. They attack two-legged creatures only when they feel threatened, and usually flee when large creatures approach. They attack twolegged creatures that get too close to their meal, but only when they have superior numbers, and such attacks end after at most 3 CR. They fight to the death when something threatens their offspring (they define ‘threat’ as the moment a two-legged creature comes within 30 feet of the nest), and all vultures in the flock come to their aid.

Escape: Loss of 50% LP; when defending their nests, they fight to the death; usually do not pursue enemies for more than 3 CR (see Combat Behavior).

Animal Lore (Wild Animals)

  • QL 1: Vultures are scavengers that usually do not attack two-legged creatures (it’s easier to wait for them to die of thirst in the desert).
  • QL 2: large numbers of vultures in the sky are most likely circling some animal (or a traveler in the desert) that is almost dead.
  • QL 3+: Vultures defend their offspring to the death. If you get closer than 30 feet to chicks in a vulture’s nest, the parents attack.

Hunt: 0

Special Rules

Pack: Vultures attacking the same opponent receive +1 AT (no more than +4 AT) per vulture after the first.

Aventurian Bestiary, page 104