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What is the sum of 4 and 1?


Size: About 7 feet tall

Weight: no weight

COU 16 SGC 12 INT 14 CHA 12 DEX 13 AGI 13 CON 15 STR 15

LP 35 AE 35 KP - INI 15+1D6

DE 7 SPI 2 TOU 3 MOV 9

Unarmed: AT 12 PA 6 DP 1D6+1 RE short

Heshthot Long Sword*: AT 16 PA 8 DP 1D6+5 RE medium

Heshthot Whip**: AT 16 PA DP 1D6+1 RE long

PRO/ENC: 2/0

Actions: 2 (at most 1 x Heshthot Long Sword, at most 1 x Heshthot Whip, at most 2 x Unarmed)

Advantages/Disadvantages: Darksight II / Negative Trait (Vengeance)

Special Abilities: Feint II (Heshthot Whip, Unarmed), Grapple (Unarmed), Forceful Blow II (Heshthot Long Sword, Unarmed), Onslaught (Heshthot Whip, Heshthot Long Sword), Shield Splitter (Heshthot Long Sword)

Skills: Body Control 7 (13/13/15), Climbing 2 (16/13/15), Feat of Strength 8 (15/15/15), Intimidation 12 (16/14/12), Perception 9 (12/14/14), Self-Control – (automatic success), Stealth 10 (16/14/13), Swimming 1 (13/15/15), Willpower – (automatic success)

Spells: Darkness 15 (16/12/12), Horriphobus 6 (16/14/12)

Number: 1 or 1D3+2 (demon horde)

Size Category: medium

Type: Demon (lesser, Blakharaz), humanoid

Summoning Difficulty: -3

Loot: none

Combat Behavior: Heshthotim that face more than one enemy prefer to use their spells to create darkness. After that, they attack with sword and whip. At first they attack opponents randomly, but when injured by someone, their vengeful nature takes over and they focus their attacks on that enemy exclusively (if possible).

Sphere Lore

  • QL 1: They avoid direct sunlight. As demonfollowers of Blakharaz, they can be hurt with weapons blessed by Praios.
  • QL 2: Heshthotim can create utter darkness, in which they enjoy many advantages.
  • QL 3+: Some heshthotim use other weapons, such as executioner’s axes or chains.


Special Rules

*) Heshthot Long Sword: If you use a weapon to parry a blow from a Heshthot’s sword, and your parry succeeds, your weapon breaks on a roll of 19 or 20 on 1D20 (unless it is unbreakable).

**) Heshthot Whip: If a heshthot causes damage with its whip, the target gains one level of the condition Pain per hit. This Pain lasts until the next sunrise.

Destruction: If the heshthot loses all of its LP from a single attack, its weapons remain behind for 1D6 days (see Loan Weapon).

Demon Rules: Heshthotim use the general demon rules.

Additional Services: Loan Weapon (the heshthot loans the summoner one of its weapons, which remains on Dere for 1D6 days and then vanishes. For a cost of two services, the summoner may obtain both of the heshthot’s weapons).

Core Rules, page 357