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Size: 1 foot tall, with a 6-foot wingspan

Weight: no weight

COU 12 SGC 9 INT 14 CHA 8 DEX 9 AGI 18 CON 8 STR 8

LP 12 AE 35 KP - INI 15+1D6

DE 9 SPI -1 TOU -1 MOV 12

Pinch: AT 15 DP 1D6 RE short

Actions: 1

PRO/ENC: 0/0

Advantages/Disadvantages: Darksight II, Exceptional Sense (Sight, Hearing) / Afraid of… their own Reflection (causes Fear for the gotongi even though it is usually immune to Fear as a demon), Negative Trait (Curiosity, Vengeance)

Special Abilities: none

Skills: Body Control 8 (18/18/8), Feat of Strength 2 (8/8/8), Flying 14 (12/14/18), Intimidation 2 (12/14/18), Perception 18 (9/14/14), Self-Control – (automatic success), Stealth 14 (12/14/18), Willpower 3 (12/14/8)

Spells: Great Confusion 8 (12/14/8), Horriphobus 8 (12/14/8), Powerful Greed 8 (12/14/8), Visibili 12 (9/14/8)

Number: 1 or 2D6 (swarm)

Size Category: small

Type: Demon (lesser, Blakharaz), non-humanoid

Summoning Difficulty: 0

Loot: none

Combat Behavior: Gotongis usually shy away from danger and remain invisible. If forced to fight, they defend using spells and try to scare or confuse an attacker and flee. They attack only when they feel they are in a superior position, usually by diving towards the enemy and delivering a painful pinch.

Escape: See Combat Behavior.

Sphere Lore

  • QL 1: As demon-followers of Blakharaz, Lord of Vengeance, they can be hurt with weapons blessed by Praios. They avoid direct sunlight.
  • QL 2: Gotongis are afraid of their own reflections.
  • QL 3+: Gotongis are very curious. If you want one to approach you, act secretively or hide something from their view.

Special Rules

Demon Rules: Gotongis use the general demon rules.

Core Rules, page 356