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What is the sum of 2 and 7?


Size: 5 to 6 feet tall (different for non-human ghouls)

Weight: 120 to 160 pounds (different for non-human ghouls)

COU 15 SGC 11 (a) INT 14 CHA 9 DEX 13 AGI 12 CON 18 STR 16

LP 36 AE - KP - INI 13+1D6

DO 6 SPI 3 TOU 1 MOV 7

Bite: AT 12 DP 1D6+4(+poison)* RE short

Claws: AT 11 DP 1D6+2(+disease)* RE medium


Actions: 1

Advantages/Disadvantages: Darksight II, Exceptional Sense (Smell) / Sensitive to Light

Special Abilities: Forceful Blow I (Bite, Claws)

Skills: Body Control 4 (12/12/18), Climbing 4 (15/12/16), Feat of Strength 7 (18/16/16), Intimidation 9 (15/14/9), Perception 8 (15/15/18), Self-Control 8 (15/15/18), Stealth 7 (15/14/12), Swimming 3 (12/18/16), Willpower 10 (15/14/9)

Number: 1, or 3D6 (a pack)

Size Category: medium

Type: Supernatural Creature, humanoid

Loot: 60 rations meat (inedible and poisonous—see Ghoul Poison)

Combat Behavior: Ghouls hide in crypts or caves during the day, because sunlight is painful to them. When hungry, they hunt and eat corpses and don’t shy away from attacking living creatures.

Escape: Loss of 50% LP

Magical Lore (Magical Creatures)

  • QL 1: Ghouls are corpse-eaters and avoid light.
  • QL 2: If a ghoul bites you, you might turn into one yourself.
  • QL 3+: Ghoul poison can be healed by magic or divine intervention. If a bite victim is healed, it does not turn into a ghoul.

Special Rules

*) Ghoul Poison: ghoul saliva contains a magical poison that slowly turns bite victims into ghouls. The poison can be treated by magical or karmic healing, or a check using Treat Poison (Animal Venom) with a penalty of 5. Healing is possible only until the transformation is complete. Checks require bloodletting (suffer 2D6 DP, ignoring PRO) and the use of mistletoe. If the patient dies during treatment, the ghoul transformation occurs quickly.

Level: 6

Type: Weapon poison, venom

Resistance: Toughness

Effect: The victim turns into a ghoul in 1D3 days / 1 level of Paralysis.

Start: immediate

Duration: Permanent / 12 hours

Cost: Cannot be extracted, so no cost given. **) Disease Carrier: Ghouls can transmit diseases. Roll 1D20 for every 10 damage caused: 1-12 (no disease), 13-17 (lutanas), 18-20 (Swift Madness). If a hero is infected, the GM makes a disease check.

Non-human Ghouls: Stats can differ for ghouls that were once dwarves, elves, orcs, or other intelligent creatures.

Aventurian Bestiary, page 47