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Size: About 2 to 3 feet

Weight: no weight

COU 10 SGC 12 INT 14 CHA 12 DEX 16 AGI 26 CON 10 STR 10

LP 20 AE 32 KP - INI 21+1D6

DE 16 SPI 3 TOU 0 MOV 100

Whir: AT 18 DP 1 level Confusion RE short


Actions: 2 (at most 1 x Whir)

Special Abilities: Feint III (Whir), Combat Reflexes III, Improved Dodge III

Skills: Body-Control 18 (26/26/10), Climbing 8 (10/26/10), Feat of Strength 4 (10/10/10), Intimidation 5 (10/14/12), Perception 7 (12/14/14), Self-Control—(always succeeds), Stealth 7 (10/14/26), Willpower—(always succeeds)

Spells: Axxeleratus 18 (12/14/16) (difarim can only cast this spell on themselves)

Number: 1, or 1D3+1 (demon horde)

Size Category: small

Type: Demon (lesser, Lolgramoth), non-humanoid

Summoning Difficulty: –2

Combat Behavior: Difarim are rarely summoned for combat, but they are extremely fast and can Confuse their opponents. They like to perform this service, because they know that few opponents can hit them in combat.

Escape: Difarim do not flee.

Sphere Lore (Beings from the Spheres)

  • QL 1: Difarim are among the best-known demons. A nasty disease (swift difar) is named for them.
  • QL 2: A difar is very effective against certain enemies, even though it is not a true combat demon.
  • QL 3+: Even though it is only a lesser demon, it is extremely difficult to hit. This is probably due to its mutability.


Special Rules

Shapeless: The body of a difar is so shapeless that it can fit through tight bars, or even through a gap between boards in a door.

Frenzied: When a difar loses 5 LP, it becomes frenzied and gains the following modifiers: –2 DE, +2 AT, and +1 level Confusion to an opponent if the whir attack succeeds. This state remains in effect until the opponent is either killed or incapacitated through Confusion, but no longer than 30 minutes.

Fast: Due to their speed and constant motion, difarim are always deemed to be zigzagging when attacked via ranged combat (see Core Rules, page 242). Plus, difarim enjoy only the benefits of zigzagging, they do not suffer the movement penalties.

Demon Rules: Difarim use all general demon rules.

Aventurian Bestiary, page 25