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What is the sum of 2 and 5?


Size: About 6 to 7 feet long

Weight: 80 to 100 pounds

COU 16 SGC 10 (a) INT 13 CHA 11 DEX 8 AGI 14 CON 13 STR 14

LP 15 AE - KP - INI 15+1D6

DE 7 SPI –1 TOU 0 MOV 17 (in water)

Bite: AT 13 DP 1D6+2 RE short


Actions: 1

Advantages/Disadvantages: Immunity to Poison (all animal venom), Aquatic Creature

Special Abilities: Locked Jaws (Bite), Takedown (Bite), Underwater Combat

Skills: Body Control 8 (14/14/13), Climbing—(no check allowed, brabacudas cannot climb), Feat of Strength 7 (13/14/14), Intimidation 5 (16/13/11), Perception 5 (10/13/13), Self-Control 12 (16/16/13), Stealth 8 (16/13/14), Swimming 12 (14/13/14), Willpower 7 (16/13/11)

Number: 1 or 1D3+1 (small school) or 1D6+6 (large school)

Size Category: small

Type: Animal, non-humanoid

Loot: 8 rations of meat (poisonous)*

Combat Behavior: Brabacudas hunt anything that cross their path. If human-sized creatures appear near the shore, brabacudas can jump up to 6’high in the air to bite them and knock them into the water (this is considered an attack with the special ability Takedown). Then the whole school attacks.

Escape: Loss of 50% LP

Fishing (Saltwater Animals or Freshwater Animals)

  • QL 1: Brabacudas attack anything that swims in front of their mouths, even two-legged creatures standing on dry land near the water. They pounce on careless targets to try to knock them into the water.
  • QL 2: Brabacuda flesh is poisonous.
  • QL 3+: If you filet a brabacuda carefully and in the right places, you can separate the poisonous flesh from the edible parts.

Hunt: –2

Special Rules

*) Brabacuda Poison/Poisonous Flesh: Brabacudas are immune to most venom, and can absorb any poison they eat and store it in their flesh. Roll 1D20 when eating brabacuda meat. On a 16-20, treat the meat as a weak poison.

Level: 2

Type: Ingestion poison, animal venom

Resistance: Toughness

Effect: 1D6 DP (ignoring PRO) / 1D3 DP (ignoring PRO)

Start: immediate

Duration: once

Cost: worthless

Drawn by Blood: Brabacudas are attracted to blood from a distance of up to 50 yards.

Master of Brabacuda Cuisine: success with a check using Fishing (Saltwater Animals) or Prepare Food (Baking, Frying, others) with a penalty of 2 allows the hero to turn this poisonous fish into a fine delicacy. Only 2 rations are edible. Master of Brabacuda Cuisine is a trade secret with a prerequisite of Prepare Food 8 and an AP cost of 1.

Aventurian Bestiary, page 95