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Blossom Fairy

Size: 4 to 8 inches at the shoulder; 8 to 12-inch wingspan

Weight: 0.2 to 0.4 pound

COU 12 SGC 12 INT 14 CHA 16 DEX 16 AGI 18 CON 8 STR 10 (s)

LP 10 AE 60 KP - INI 15+1D6

DO 11 SPI 5 TOU 2 MOV 16

Bite, Punch, or Kick: AT 10 PA 8 DP 1D2 RE short


Actions: 1

Advantages/Disadvantages: Good Looks I / Negative Trait (Curiosity)

Special Abilities: Attack Weak Spot (Bite, Punch, or Kick), Feint III (Bite, Punch, or Kick), Flying Attack (Bite, Punch, or Kick), Improved Dodge III.

Skills: Body-Control 11 (18/18/8), Empathy 3 (12/14/16), Fast-Talk 7 (12/14/16), Feat of Strength 1 (8/10/10), Flying 14 (12/18/10), Intimidation 1 (12/14/16), Perception 5 (12/14/14), Self-Control 3 (12/12/8), Stealth 14 (12/14/18), Willpower 10 (12/14/16)

Spells: Axxeleratus 12 (12/14/16), Bannbaladin 12 (12/14/16), Blinding Flash 8 (12/14/16), Gaze into the Mind 10 (12/12/14), others from Tradition (Fairy)

Number: 1 or 1D6+1 (family and friends)

Size Category: tiny

Type: Fairy, humanoid

Loot: None (fairy bodies fade away after death)

Combat Behavior: Blossom fairies are friendly creatures that avoid all violence. They only defend themselves if threatened. In such cases, they try to escape as quickly as possible.

Escape: Individual (almost no blossom fairies fight to the death, as they tend to flee when the situation gets threatening).

  • QL 1: Blossom fairies are peaceful creatures that mean no harm.
  • QL 2: All blossom fairies are female. At least, nobody has ever seen a male blossom fairy.
  • QL 3+: There are stories about corrupted blossom fairies that are among some of the Nameless One’s most terrible servants.


Special Rules

Siren Call: Blossom fairies try subconsciously to lure mortals into their realm. When meeting blossom fairies, heroes must make a competitive check with Willpower (Resist Fast- Talk) against the blossom fairy‘s Fast Talk. If the fairy has at least 1 net QL, the hero follows her into her realm. The GM decides on the duration and effects of the stay in the fairy realm.

Life Link: Blossom fairies lose 1 LP per day on Dere. While they remain in the Third Sphere, they cannot regain LP via Regeneration Phases.

Fairy Rules: Blossom Fairies use the general rules for fairies.


Aventuria Bestiary, page 15