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Size: depending on the animal

Weight: depending on the animal

COU 13 SGC 12 INT 15 CHA 15 DEX 13 AGI 15 CON 11 STR 9 (s)

LP 5-20 (depending on the animal) AE 40 KP - INI 14+1D6

DO 8 SPI 5 TOU 3 MOV depends on the animal

Bite, Punch, or Kick: AT 12 PA 7 DP 1D3 RE short

Small Stone: RC 15 DP 1D2 RA 1/3/5


Actions: 1

Advantages/Disadvantages: Perhaps Aquatic (if the beastinger’s animal shape is aquatic) / Negative Trait (Curiosity)

Special Abilities: Attack Weak Spot (Bite, Punch, or Kick), Feint II (Bite, Punch, or Kick), sometimes Flying Attack (Bite, Punch, or Kick; if the beastinger’s animal shape can fly), Precise Shot/Throw I (Small Stone), perhaps Underwater Combat (Bite, Punch, or Kick if the beastinger’s animal shape is aquatic)

Skills: Body Control 12 (15/15/11), Climbing 12 (13/15/9), Commerce 4 (12/15/15), Empathy 4 (12/15/15), Fast-Talk 7 / (13/15/15), Feat of Strength 2 (11/9/9), (Flying 12 (13/15/15), if the beastinger can fly), Intimidation 4 (13/15/15), Perception 7 (12/13/15), Self-Control 7 (13/13/11), Stealth 14 (13/15/15), (Swimming 14 (15/11/9), if aquatic), Willpower 10 (13/15/15)

Spells: Ventriloquism; Axxeleratus 8 (12/15/13), Bannbaladin 7 (13/15/15), Gaze into the Mind 5 (13/12/15), Odem 5 (13/12/15), Traceless 7 (12/13/9), (Breathe Water 8 (12/15/11), if aquatic), and others from Tradition (Fairy)

Number: 1 or 2 (mated pair), or 2D6+1 (beastinger pack)

Size Category: tiny or small

Type: Fairy, humanoid, sometimes non-humanoid

Loot: equipment, sometimes.

Combat Behavior: Beastingers are no fighters. They are playful creatures and like to play pranks. They can kick and bite in an emergency, but only fight when desperate and usually prefer to escape.

Escape: individual

Sphere Lore (Beings from the Spheres)

  • QL 1: Most beastingers have the shape of otters, squirrels, or birds.
  • QL 2: They are playful and like to prank humans. They can cast spells, but only rarely use them. Often they behave like normal animals, to blend in.
  • QL 3+: There are beastingers shaped like wolves and boars, but these large versions are warriors and guards in the fairy realm and not as harmless as their smaller cousins.


Special Rules

Cute: Beastingers are very cute. To attack a beastinger without reason, heroes must make a Willpower check with a penalty of 3.

Beastinger Shape: The stats given are an example for otter or squirrel beastingers. Other types of animals have different stats. Large beastingers, such as wolves and boars, have very different stats. They do not need sustenance in the human sense, though some have a liking for carrots, nuts, cookies, or other treats. Others collect favored items, which they carry around or hoard. Objects commonly gathered include soft human hair for a sleeping nest, shiny jewelry, or items of a size suitable to the beastinger’s human shape (such as an epee found in a marmot’s nest).

Fairy Rules: Beastingers use the general rules for fairies.

Aventurian Bestiary, page 13