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Size: 6 to 12 feet long (not including tail); 12 to 18 feet (with tail); 1 to 2 feet tall at the shoulder

Weight: 300 to 800 pounds

COU 16 SGC 10 (a) INT 14 CHA 12 DEX 8 AGI 12 CON 16 STR 20

LP 45 AE - KP - INI 14+1D6

DE 6 SPI 0 TOU 2 MOV 6/8 (ground/water)

Bite: AT 12 DP 2D6+4 RE short

Tail: AT 14 DP 1D6+2 RE medium


Actions: 1

Advantage: Aquatic Creature

Special Abilities: Forceful Blow I (Bite, Tail), Locked Jaws (Bite), Takedown (Tail), Underwater Combat

Skills: Body Control 4 (12/12/16), Climbing—(no check allowed, alligators cannot climb), Feat of Strength 10 (16/20/20), Intimidation 8 (16/14/12), Perception 8 (10/14/14), Self-Control 14 (16/16/16), Stealth 12 (16/14/12), Swimming 10 (12/16/20), Willpower 10 (16/14/12)

Number: 1 (rare), or 1D3+1 (small group), or 1D6+6 (large group)

Size Category: medium

Type: Animal, non-humanoid

Loot: 65 rations of meat, 6 to 20 rations of eggs per nest, hide (30 silverthalers), trophy (teeth, 5 silverthalers)

Combat Behavior: Alligators hide under water and stealthily swim up to their prey. When they get close enough, they try to bite their prey and drag it underwater. Heroes suffer penalties for water combat (see Core Rules, page 239) and must swim or drown (see Core Rules, page 341).

Escape: Loss of 50% LP

Fishing (Freshwater Animals)

  • QL 1: Alligators do not attack when you fall into the water or enter their territory. They prefer to swim up to their prey stealthily and try to surprise it.
  • QL 2: starving alligators sometimes bicker while attacking prey. Such moments can give you the opportunity to escape.
  • QL 3+: When alligators are sated, they do not attack, and you can usually pass them by without risk.

Hunt: –4

Special Rules

Drag Under Water: Alligators in the water want to drag their prey under, and slowly swim nearer. When the alligator gets close enough, it bursts from the water and bites. If successful, the alligator tries to drag it into the water (competitive check Feat of Strength of the alligator versus Feat of Strength (Dragging & Pulling) of the prey; if the alligator wins the check, the prey is dragged into the water). When on land or forced to attack prey that is itself already in the water, alligators first use their bite attack to injure or kill. Alligators use their feared death roll only on carcasses or prey that is already dead, to tear it into pieces that are more easily swallowed.

Aventurian Bestiary, page 92