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Borbarad Mosquito

Size: unimportant

Weight: unimportant

COU 20 SGC 1 (a) INT 14 CHA 12 DEX 11 AGI 14 CON 20 STR 8 (s)

LP 1 or swarm size AE - KP - INI 14+1D6

DEF 3 (in air) / 0 (while feeding) SPI 3 TOU 0 MOV 4

Proboscis: AT 11 DP 1 AP Loss* per 2 CR of feeding RE short


Actions: 1

Special Abilities: Attack Weak Spot (Proboscis)

Skills: Body Control 5 (14/14/20), Feat of Strength 0 (20/8/8), Flying 5 (20/14/14), Intimidation 5 (20/14/12), Perception 14 (1/14/14), Self-Control 1 (20/20/20), Stealth 1 (20/14/14), Willpower 12 (20/14/12)

Number: 1 or 2D6 (gathering), or 1D20+20 (small swarm), or 2D20+30 (large swarm)

Size Category: tiny

Type: Supernatural Creature, non-humanoid

Loot: none

Combat Behavior: Borbarad mosquitoes feed upon the memories of intelligent creatures. They land on the skin like normal mosquitoes and start feeding.

Escape: Borbarad mosquitoes do not flee, per se. They simply shift about and land somewhere else.

Magical Lore (Magical Creatures)

  • QL 1: Borbarad mosquitoes are named after their creator. They suck the memories from people.
  • QL 2: These creatures were created as chimeras by the Demon Master, but what other creature was used besides a mosquito will always remain a mystery.
  • QL 3+: If killed while feeding, Borbarad mosquitoes inject a weak poison. Only magic can kill them harmlessly.


Special Rules

*AP Loss: Borbarad mosquitoes feed on memories instead of LP. First, they feed on the heroes’ AP supply. When it is gone, they feed on AP that were used to improve skills. The GM decides which skills suffer (it might be different skills). SR is converted back into AP and sucked away by the mosquito. So you start to lose SR. After 4 CR, the mosquito is sated. If the mosquito is killed while feeding, it injects poison into the wound, causing 1D2 DP (ignoring PRO). Only killing it via magic or divine intervention prevents this damage.

Swarm: See the rules for Swarms. The swarm receives +1 AT (maximum 18) per every 10 Borbarad mosquitoes (or fraction thereof).

Aventurian Bestiary, page 17