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Banish Light


Effect: This liturgical chant creates a sphere of darkness around the Blessed One with a diameter of QL x 3 yards. Anyone inside the sphere suffers a visibility penalty equal to the QL (see Visibility on page 348). Natural and magical light sources cannot penetrate the sphere or provide illumination within. However, if another Blessed One uses a chant to create light within, the higher QL determines whether the sphere contains light or darkness (like a competitive check). This effect is all or nothing—the sphere is not lit by a dim, mixed light. You do not suffer any penalties from the darkness you create. Before casting, you must declare whether the sphere will move (with you at its center) or remain stationary if you walk away.

Liturgical Time: 4 actions

KP Cost: 16 KP (casting) + 8 KP per 5 minutes

Range: Self

Duration: Sustain

Target Category: Zone

Tradition: Boron (Death and Dream), Phex (Shadow)

Improvement Cost: B


Publication: Core Rules page 324