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Bad Habit


Rules: Characters can choose as many Bad Habits as theywish, but can receive 6 AP at most. In rare cases, bad habits might lead to penalties for social skills.

Prerequisites: None

AP Value: -2 adventure points per Bad Habit


Publication: Core Rules page 171


Examples of Bad Habits:

Bad Table Manners: These characters slurp and burp, use no cutlery, or always try to eat everything themselves.

Barefoot: Even though it’s common for people in this character’s culture to wear shoes, the character walks around barefoot all the time, even in front of nobles or in bad weather. 

Cleaning Bug: These characters are compulsively tidy—they must always keep rooms or items clean.

Crybaby: Whether from fear, joy, sadness, or anger, it’s easy to make this character cry.

First: These characters want to be first all the time, whether when choosing rooms in the inn or shopping for new armor.

Hypochondriac: These characters always believe they are suffering from a terrible disease, even when they’re completely healthy or infection is very unlikely. When actually sick, they always expect the worst outcome.

Late Sleeper: These adventurers like to sleep late—if awakened early, they are very grumpy.

Left and Right: These characters often mix up their left and right.

Messy: These characters leave clothes or other items lying about their rooms or campsites.

My Child: These characters begin or end almost every conversation with the words “my child.”

Nail-biter: These characters bite their nails when they are nervous or have nothing to do.

Nervous: These adventurers have problems staying calm when waiting around. They pace up and down the room, sit down and get up again, and exhibit other nervous behaviors until something happens.

Sir: These adventurers often end their sentences with “sir,” even when talking to women (“Not bad, sir. Well done, sir. I don’t think anyone’s home, sir”)

Smoker: These characters are passionate pleasure smokers. When deprived of this pastime, they grumble and complain but don’t otherwise suffer any penalties.

Talks a Mile a Minute: These characters talk so fast that you must really concentrate to keep up with what they’re saying.

Talks to Themselves: These characters talk to themselves at inconvenient times or while deep in thought.

Third Person: These characters talk about themselves in the third person (“Alrik likes that. Alrik wants another Ferdokian ale. Alrik told you we shouldn’t open that door.”)

We: These characters use the royal “we” when speaking (“We understand what you said, but we are not amused.”


Publication: Core Rules page 171