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Language: Tulamidya (Aranian) or Garethi (Aretya)

Script: Tulamidya or Kusliker Signs (2 AP)

Area Knowledge: depending on home region (for example, Baburin, Elburum, Llanka, Palmyrabad, Zorgan)

Social Status: Noble, Not Free

Common Professions:

  • Mundane Professions: all but Gladiator, Knight, and Tribal Warrior
  • Magic Professions: Witch (mostly Cat Witches), Mage (rare)
  • Blessed Professions: Blessed One of Boron, Blessed One of Hesinde, Blessed One of Praios, Blessed One of Peraine, Blessed One of Phex, Blessed One of Rondra

Common Advantages: Aptitude in Social Skills, Sense of Range

Common Disadvantages: Negative Trait (Superstition), Personality Flaw (Prejudices - mostly against Novadis and mages; Vanity), Sensitive to Pain

Uncommon Advantages: Resistant to Cold

Uncommon Disadvantages: Frenzy

Common Skills: Artistic Ability, Astronomy, Clothworking, Commerce, Empathy, Fast-Talk, Gambling, Law, Math, Myths & Legends, Pickpocket, Riding, Seduction, Streetwise

Uncommon Skills: Intimidation, Survival, Tracking

Common Names:

  • Male: Assaf, Djafardeon, Eslam, Faizal, Kazan, Mahdul, Marwamir, Nazir, Seychaban, Zahir
  • Female: Aishanka, Belima, Delilah, Harizeth, Majula, Neraida, Rhayadaque, Shilaldara, Yamira, Zulhaminai Names are connected to the name of the mother or father, with ibn for men and saba or -sunni for women (for example, Yamira saba Delihah, Belima Majulasunni, or Assaf ibn Eslam).

Cultural Package Aranian (26 AP)

Clothworking +1, Commerce +2, Empathy +1, Fast-Talk +2, Gambling +1, Math +1, Myths & Legends +1, Seduction +1, Streetwise +2


Publication: Core Rules page 98