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What is the sum of 9 and 8?



Rules: A character with the Aptitude advantage can reroll a single D20 in every skill check for the chosen skill. The player rolls 3D20 as usual but picks one die result to reroll, keeping the best result. Aptitudes must be purchased individually for each skill, spell, or liturgical chant. You cannot purchase Aptitude for the same skill more than once (because you cannot use Aptitude to reroll more than one D20 in a check). You cannot invoke this advantage if the skill check results in a double 20 or a triple 20. You cannot pick an Aptitude for a combat technique (for this, you must use the advantage Weapon Aptitude, on page 170). You can choose to spend a FtP before or after invoking your Aptitude (see page 28), meaning it’s possible to reroll more than once or even combine another FtP effect with an Aptitude.

Prerequisites: No disadvantage Incompetent with the

skill, no more than three Aptitudes per character.

AP Value: A/B/C/D skill: 6/12/18/24 adventure points


Publication: Core Rules page 163