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Hatred for...

Rules: The hero inflicts +1 DP in melee attacks against creatures of the chosen type. You must specify the type of creature when buying this advantage. The AP cost of this advantage is greater for creature types that are more common in Aventuria.
You cannot specify broad categories (such as
Living Creature or Non-Living Creature) when taking this advantage. In addition to the types and subcategories listed in the Core Rules, you can also choose specific species and cultures. You can even choose your own species/culture (but be warned: this can be difficult to play). The GM has the final say. The AP cost of this advantage is lower when the subcategory is more narrowly defined or there is a smaller chance of experiencing its effects.

Prerequisites: none

AP Value: Varies

Examples of Classifications of Hatred for…

  • Common: Humans, orcs, goblins
    AP Value: 15 adventure points
  • Occasional: Tree dragons, elves, karans, dwarves, undead
    AP Value: 10 adventure points
  • Rare: Basilisks, fairies, clay golems, griffons, giant wyverns
    AP Value: 5 adventure points

Aventurian Bestiary, page 120