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Language: Mohish (depending on the tribe)

Script: none

Area Knowledge: depending on home region (for example village and surrounding area)

Social Status: Noble, Not Free

Common Professions:

  • Mundane Professions: Healer, Hunter (mostly Trapper), Mercenary, Merchant (mostly Barterer), Tribal Warrior
  • Magic Professions:
  • Blessed Professions:

Common Advantages: Contortionist, Direction Sense,Good Looks, Resistant to Heat, Resistant to Poison

Common Disadvantages: Afraid of (Cramped Spaces, the Sea, the Dead, and the Undead), Decreased Spirit, Negative Trait (Curious, Superstitious), Personality Flaw (Prejudices - mostly against non-Mohas), Susceptible to Cold

Uncommon Advantages: Resistant to Cold

Uncommon Disadvantages: Afraid of (Heights, Insects, Reptiles, or Spiders), Incompetent with Nature Skills, Negative Trait (Greed), Nightblind, Personality Flaw (Vanity), Susceptible to Disease

Common Skills: Animal Lore, Body Control, Climbing, Myths & Legends, Orienting, Perception, Plant Lore, Stealth, Survival, Tracking, Treat Disease, Treat Poison

Uncommon Skills: Carousing, Driving, Etiquette, Flying, Geography, History, Metalworking, Pick Locks, Riding, Streetwise

Common Names:

  • Forest Folk: Cankuna (Nimble), Kehala (Turtle), Takete (One Whose Hand is Always Bloody), Wapiya (One

Whose Hands Do Good), Yako (Cat, Great Cat)

  • Utulu: Kalimba, Mangabe, Shasiwatu, Tenkile, Usuthu
  • Tocamuyac: Anakena, Ataranga, Kiri, Miru, Rano
  • Known Tribes: Anoiha, Chirakah, Darna, Haipu, Keke- Wanaq, Miniwatu, Mohaha, Napewanha, Oijaniha, Panaq-Si, Ruwangi, Shokubunga, Tocamuyac

Mohish names are suitable for both females and males.

Cultural Package Mohas (38 AP)

Animal Lore +2, Body Control +1, Myths & Legends +1, Orienting +1, Perception +1, Plant Lore +2, Stealth +1, Survival +2, Tracking +1, Treat Poison +1


Publication: Core Rules page 109